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Six Steps to Digital Asset Management Success
Six Steps to Digital Asset Management Success
DAM Business Case Builder
Step 1: DAM Gap Analysis
Step 2: DAM Resource Audit
Step 3: Requirements Gathering
Step 4: DAM Governance
Step 5: Use Case Scenarios
Step 6: Vendor Analysis mapped to requirements and use case scenarios

*Six Steps to Digital Asset Management Success


We have broken down developing a strategy for DAM into 6 steps:

Step 1: Gap Analysis - Identifying ‘gaps’ in the business and making a plan for what you hope to achieve by carrying out the desired project

Step 2: Resource Audits - Looking at your business and identifying what you have in terms of assets, metadata, software tools etc.

Step 3: Requirements Gathering - Gathering together your stakeholders, looking at their needs and writing up a list of shared goals

Step 4: Governance - Administration, maintenance and support of the DAM system, as well as defining who is responsible for which areas of the system and establishing rules for proper usage.

Step 5: Use Case Scenarios by understanding how and why departments work with assets in specific ways will enhance vendor demos, aid in change management and identify training needs.

Step 6: Vendor Selection - Once you know what you don’t have, what you already have, what you want, and how your going to set things up to get what you want, you approach vendors and find the vendor that’s the best fit for you.

Six Steps to DAM Success Database Applications

Our Digital Asset Management consulting and analysis database applications follows the Six Steps to Digital Asset Management Success with best practice guidelines, return on investment and strategic imperatives without the need to do this manually and the research man-hours for non DAM experts. In fact, even experts use our database applications for consulting with clients. 


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