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To be successful in the digital age, companies and organisations need a bottom-up strategy with data at its core, guided by the expertise of its employees, partners, and customers. Digital Asset Management is the foundational technology for managing metadata and establishes policies and processes that ensure information can be integrated, accessed, shared, linked, analyzed and maintained across an organisation.

The Codified DAM Consultant™ has a detailed strategic report on each of the accredited DAM vendors.


    • All Vendor Score across 10 core characteristics with 22 variables
    • Ten Core Strategy Report
    • Technical Specifications Data
    • Workflow Specifications Data
    • Functional - Non Functional Requirements Data
    • Compare with similar vendor charts and information
    • Maturity Model Analysis Form
    • 2 hours per month strategic advice

Organisations in the digital era have to realise that the content they create, commission or license, needs to be mobile-ready, responsive, and readily consumed. The technology at the core of making this possible is Digital Asset Management (DAM). DAM can be thought of as a managed metadata engine that networks, connects, indexes, analyses, assesses, abstracts, categorises, organises, relates and presents digital media files.

The Codified DAM Consultant™ only cover accredited and certified digital asset management vendors, meaning they pass the Ten Core Characteristics of a DAM system.

One of the questions we are constantly asked is which DAM is the best and, as we all know, there is no such thing. It all depends on what and where the DAM customer is. The question layer is critically important–do I want cloud?, is my preference SaaS? or On-Premise?, do I know or even understand the functional and nonfunctional requirements, do I have a sound taxonomy, a content-based information architecture? The list of questions goes on and on.

Without expert non-partial advice, sifting through the complexity is down to the will of the researcher. Unless, of course, they bring in consultants that fully understand the transformative nature of what DAM as a strategy can bring to everyone.

The Codified DAM Consultant™ takes all the guesswork out of vendor selection and focuses in on the vendor data, their scores within each dimension and what each metric means in terms of a fully enabled DAM strategy.

This enables our users to quickly go from long list to a short list of accredited vendors very quickly and in a guided way. 


Covering technical specifications and how they match your enterprise requirements.

Of course, DAM is much more than a basic strategy without workflow it is simply a metadata engine and the hard work of integration all the content endpoints are at the skill within the enterprise. We have that covered too.

Ten core is a standard where metrics are assigned to vendor capability, workflow tools and modules extend the reach of DAM for all content touch points and finally, your requirements can be matched directly to the appropriate vendors

20 years of Digital Asset Management expertise has gone into The Codified DAM Consultant database, you can now have full access to the following

  • 35 vendors = answer to 11,900 questions (more vendors coming in 2018)
  • Instant access to the full database saving 100 of hours
  • Qualified by deep domain experts

The Codified DAM Consultant™ is a metrics-based application formed by deep domain expertise. RFI/RFP's just became a thing of the past. Now you can focus on your strategic DAM operations led by the knowledge of experts.

A monthly subscription gives you the following

  • Detailed metrics on all accredited vendors
  • 340 answers on every vendor
  • All vendors reports and charts
  • 2 hours of access per month with the team for Q&A or strategic advice

New Vendors, New Content New Strategies