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Ten Core Strategies for Vendor Analysis


Ten Core DAM Strategy
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Ten Core Strategies for Reducing Risk When Selecting DAM

Being strategic about your DAM selection will help you reduce risk and optimise your business operations.

Written by IQ Equity, Europe’s leading Digital Asset Management Agency.

There are ten core functionalities that any DAM software must have if it is going to truly manage an organisation’s digital assets. DAM software is used in every industry and every vertical for managing content, so it’s critical that such a foundational technology functions as it should. Obviously, different industries and verticals use their content in different ways, and this is where you need to look beyond the ten core functionalities to match your processes, people and workflows to your particular use cases. Here we will look at what the ten core functionalities are and why they should inform your business strategy as it relates to DAM software selection. 

Ten Core is a standard--possibly the only recognised standard--in the Digital Asset Management industry. in 2014, discussions between leading industry professionals and the DAM Foundation led to “The Ten Core Characteristics of a DAM System”, an agreed and conclusive list of functionality necessary for software to be truly considered Digital Asset Management software. IQ Equity devised a certification process and in collaboration with the DAM Foundation, have accredited 35 vendors since September 2014. A list of these Ten Core accredited vendors can be found here. Ten Core is accepted as a reference point for DAM functionality by DAM professionals and the vendor community. Users can look to it for guidance and vendors can reference it to demonstrate competence. 

Learning the language of DAM is one of the toughest challenges for marketers, creatives, archivists, brand managers and the C-Suite. We don’t mean there’s an actual language barrier—although sometimes technical language and acronyms can be daunting--but it is useful to have a basic understanding of the key functionalities of Digital Asset Management solutions. This will help you communicate the benefits of DAM within your organisation and will aid you when asking questions about the software in your dealings with vendors. DAM is central to marketing technology and underpins everything you do with the content your organisation owns. It centralises and manages rich media, and image files as single source operational master files from which all things flow-- whether it’s distributing web ready content to your CMS, pushing visual content to your Product Information System or making strategic business decisions based on data.


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