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At IQ Equity we have been passionate about Digital Asset Management for more years than we care to remember, and we have learnt a great deal on our DAM journey. Here is some free advice to help you get DAM right. If you skip any of the following steps, your chance of failure is increased exponentially. We know we have been doing this for a long time and have benchmarked all our learnings into the following:

Digital Asset Management is a strategy, not just a technology purchase

Education is key


Step 1: Maturity Model Gap Analysis.

DAM Maturity Model Analysis

Preparing for a Digital Asset Management Maturity Modelling: Strategy

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is the collection of systems and processes that enable the management of assets from creation through distribution and archive. The DAM Maturity Model (DAM-MM) uses 15 dimensions organised into four categories to define the

digital asset management ecosystem:

DAM Maturity Model Analysis

The IQ Equity team are the guardians of the DAM Maturity Model site


Step 2: Content Audits

Digital Asset Management Content Audits

Step 3: Requirements Gathering

Digital Asset Management Requirements Gathering

Step 4: Governance

Digital Asset Management Governance

Step 5: DAM Vendor Selection


 DAM 10 Core Methodology

Currently, 35 vendors have passed the Ten Core Characteristics of digital asset management accreditation test. A further 25% of vendors tested have failed the test!

Only accredited vendors appear on this site.

Ten Core Characteristics is a strategy here is our methodology for testing DAM vendors.

Digital Asset Management 10 Core Criteria


Vendors either pass all ten characteristics if they fail on one characteristic they fail the whole test.

Once a DAM vendor has passed the test we score them across each dimension.

Example of crib sheet against vendor score and analysis.

Asset Ingest

(i) In singular & bulk

● 0 - No bulk upload or only a single method of uploading assets to the DAM

● 1 - 3 - Basic uploader, such as FTP with limited options to bulk upload / apply


● 4 - 5 - Few different methods to ingest assets, cloud and desktop methods both

present, bulk options comparable to singular

● 6 - 7 - Multiple methods to upload including HTML5, hot folder and/or Dropbox or

similar, numerous options to add metadata (including in bulk). Applying metadata at

ingest can be enforced, ensuring assets are properly marked up. Utilising file transfer

acceleration technology (e.g. Signiant & Aspera etc). Also, dedupe technology is


● 8 - 9 - Seamless multichannel upload to the DAM, complex upload workflows

including individualised workflows based on asset type, ability to push and pull from

multiple integrated software, complexity must be accompanied by ease of use.

● 10 - Machine to Machine upload (cybernetics, telepathy, serendipity))

Digital Asset Management Strategy

New Vendors, New Content New Strategies