Codified DAM Consultant


Understanding Views

In the Codified Consultants Airtable, you are always looking at your table from the perspective of one view or another. You can see which view you’re currently in by looking at the name displayed in the view switcher. By opening the view switcher, you can also select a different view.

For our Codified Consultant adventure, we’ve created one master list of all items you need to find the right DAM Vendor, but now we only want to see the values that you need to understand, how well does the vendor do within each characteristic of the Ten Core. That’s where views come in.

Filtering records

Add a filter to your current view by clicking the “Add filter” button and entering your criteria.

Here’s an example showing how to modify a view of Technical Specifications that IT may be interested in.  To do that, we’d filter to show records where the “MySQL” field is checked.

When you need advanced filtering, you can filter by multiple criteria

Sorting records

Automatically sort the records in a view by clicking the “Apply sort” button. Next, choose the column to sort, select ascending or descending order (A → Z or Z → A), and then click “Apply.”  In this case, let’s sort by highest auditing score with analysis and reporting and we will also sort by the total ten core score of each vendor to see the most fit for purpose vendor.


The Codified Consultant has over 4000 answers within our Vendor Database, As you add more and more queries, search becomes increasingly important. To search for a particular term in a view, click the magnifying glass in the top right menu bar or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F on a PC or Cmd+F on Mac. Click the up and down arrows (or hit the Enter key) to see each instance of a search term.

A quick video help guide

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