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The Crowd Vs The Analyst

The Crowd Vs The Analyst

DAM selection is a blood sport, get it wrong and your digital strategies can stumble and or fail for the next five years, get it right and business transformation can happen in a meta moment.

Our referee for the fight tonight is you, dear reader!

In the Red corner, we have the crowd, a multi-level marketing scheme; the purse is a $5, $10, $20 vouchers at your favourite online retailers, (only a few generic questions asked ;) ;) Footing the crowd bill tonight is venture capital banking on a unicorn drove numbers game.

In the blue corner, we have the bootstrapped underdog fighting the heavyweights with only his wits, DAM standards, and battle-worn experience in the field. No vouchers, just free knowledge from an accredited vendor of your choosing for 12 questions and four minutes of your valuable time.

The prize is the crowning of a DAM champion

Who will win, only you the professional crowd will decide?

I need professional help!

I am attempting to square my cognitive dissonance with my personal confirmation biases. Namely, the digital asset management knowledge, data and experiences I have been collecting for some years now seems to be the exact opposite to the information being put out by the crowdsourced technology data sites; its so bad I need a reality check. Either I am mad (its a possibility) or the data is so skewed it almost renders itself useless, or little more than a popularity contest, even fake views to the cynical!!

I am experimenting with CrowdSourced data for some DAM research I am conducting. I wanted to gauge my knowledge against DAM professionals, instead of more generalists views on DAM. 

Here is an example of the disparity, let's take a lightweight vendor circa $10k license fee and a middleweight vendor circa $100k. You would expect strategically different approaches and outcomes, given the price difference, Although 10 X the price does not always equate to a 10X the strategic outcome. In fact with the power of the cloud, sound API's and clear vision the middleweights are taking on the heavyweights and winning. However, in this case, it does.

Clearly, we can see the number of stars is different, although both companies pass the Ten Core Standard meaning they are fit for purpose and can actually call themselves a DAM system.

When you drill into the score against a strategic imperative you can clearly see the difference, the more dimensions the better the decision to pay $$ for each vendor, you get what you pay for strategically.

Now if you take the exact same companies via a number of the crowd-sourced sites you will see metrics such as this vendor scores based on the number of reviews means only one fraction of a point difference. The vendor on the left scores 4.2 and the vendor on the right scores 4.3, when in fact the point value scores are more than double in reality in favour of the middleweight vendor.

The list goes on and on. DAM is complex enough and maybe it should not actually reside on crowdsourced sites, well at least until they remove the popularity metrics in favour of more quantifiable data points.

If you could spare 4 minutes of your time to answer my DAM vendor survey, you will receive a FREE Ten Core Characteristics report of a vendor of your choosing from our list of 36 accredited DAM vendors.

Please save me from this madness, and I will report my findings in part 2 of the crowd Vs the Analyst.

Mark Rocky Davey

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