Codified DAM Consultant

Digital Asset Management Vendors of the year 2017

Digital Asset Management Vendors of the year 2017

The Codified DAM Consultant is the Kayak of DAM. It answers 100's of questions that will take you from long list to short list of accredited DAM vendors in nanoseconds.

The Codified Consultant™ uses Ten Core scoring and ranking data and provides a thorough fact driven drill down on DAM vendors and their solutions/systems. It uses the DAM Maturity Model to assess your start point then takes you on a journey from point A (no idea what I need, where I am or how to find out) to point B (I know what I want and I know where to go to get it). The best DAM for you will depend on what you want to do with it. The Codified Consultant™ uses the Ten Core functionalities of DAM as a strategy and then takes you ‘Beyond Core’ for your workflows. It helps you assess, plan, evaluate, purchase, implement, and govern DAM technologies and activities in a straightforward, cost effective and efficient manner--and according to your specific use cases.

Our Database says the DAM Winners of 2017 are ...

Category 1: Cloud Proclivity

DAM Vendors Cloud Proclivity
  1. Widen
  2. Bynder
  3. StyleLabs - M Content Marketing Hub
  4. IntelligenceBank

Category 1a: Cloud Proclivity Amazon

DAM Vendors Cloud Proclivity Amazon
  1. Widen
  2. Bynder
  3. IntelligenceBank
  5. censhare

Category 1b: Cloud Proclivity Microsoft Azure

DAM Vendors Cloud Proclivity Microsoft Azure
  1. StyleLabs - M Content Marketing Hub
  2. HyperCMS
  3. MediaBeacon
  4. Canto
  5. MerlinOne

Category 2: Customer Support

DAM Vendors Customer Support
  1. WAVE
  2. Widen
  4. Asset Bank
  5. IntelligenceBank

Category 3: Ten Core Highest Scores across all Ten Core dimensions

Digital Asset Management Vendors Across all Ten Core Dimensions
  1. ADAM Software
  2. StyleLabs - M Content Marketing Hub
  3. MediaBeacon
  4. censhare
  5. Widen
  6. OpenText
  7. Bynder
  8. Equilirium
  9. Wave
  10. Canto

Category 4: Winners in DAM for 2017

Digital Asset Management Vendors of the Year
  1. Widen
  2. StyleLabs - M Content Marketing Hub
  3. Bynder
  4. censhare
  5. MediaBeacon

Vendor of the year award 2017: Widen

Digital Asset Management Vendor of the year award Widen

Congratulations to Widen for winning the Codified DAM Consultants vendor of the year award 2017.

25% of vendors calling themselves DAM systems have actually failed the ten core standard test

Any vendor who has passed the Ten Core Characteristics DAM accreditation test is a winner for customers. Too many companies that call themselves DAM vendors would fail the accreditation test, many have already. Buyer beware just because it looks like digital asset management, does not make it fit for purpose or indeed offer the right foundation for a strategic plan.

Ten Core Characteristics Criteria

Digital Asset Management 10 Core Accreditation Criteria

Ten Core is a standard--possibly the only recognised standard--in the Digital Asset Management industry. in 2014, discussions between leading industry professionals and the DAM Foundation led to “The Ten Core Characteristics of a DAM System”, an agreed and conclusive list of functionality necessary for software to be truly considered Digital Asset Management software. IQ Equity devised a certification process and in collaboration with the DAM Foundation, have accredited 35 vendors since September 2014. A list of these Ten Core accredited vendors can be found here. Ten Core is accepted as a reference point for DAM functionality by DAM professionals and the vendor community. Users can look to it for guidance and vendors can reference it to demonstrate competence.

Introducing the Codified DAM Consultant

Being strategic about your DAM selection will help you reduce risk and optimise your business operations.

The Codified Consultant™ is an automated metric-based application and toolkit that aggregates DAM product, services and consultancy knowledge in one place. It limits itself to the DAM ecosystem, recognising DAM technology as the foundation stone of today's digital strategies. Technologies relevant to DAM are also covered but only in so much as they need to interoperate with DAM to realise distinct use cases. 

The Ten Core Characteristics is a great starting point. However, when you get into functional and non-functional requirements, or technical specifications or indeed workflow tools, applications and integrations DAM becomes ever more complex.

DAM as a strategy

Maturity Modelling and Content Audits




Technical Specifications

Requirements Gathering

Ten Core Vendor Reports


The Codified DAM Consultant is the Kayak of DAM. It answers 100's of questions that will take you from long list to short list of accredited DAM vendors in nanoseconds and a strategy that puts DAM and metadata as the foundation for transformation and omni-everything.

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