Codified DAM Consultant

DAM Scenario 1: Marcus The Creative Director

DAM Scenario 1: Marcus The Creative Director

Welcome to the 4-minute DAM Consultant

Marcus is fed up with the current state of play at his small design company. His main issue is the time it takes to create and curate his amazing content, he sees his small team wasting valuable creative hours searching for content, logos, copy etc. He is also worried about who has access to his creative genius and his retail and CPG clients are hassling him about deadlines.

Markus has a couple of creative designers, a web developer, an agency partner and a few printers scattered across the land. His people are using a multitude of filesharing services and content is on hard drives, FTP sites and on agency portals. The CEO has asked him to find a solution for his department and give him analytics on the content creation lifecycle and above all make IT happy.

Fortunately, during the festive season his best mate, Larry who works for one of the larger advertising agencies mentioned this thing called DAM and how it had transformed the chaos of content creation, distribution and analysis, while simultaneously speeding up deliverables. 

"Markus whatever you do only use accredited and certified DAM vendors and you will not go wrong"

Markus did not have a large budget and could not afford a consultant, fortunately for him, he had heard of the Codified Consultant which took him from no nothing to expert and a long list to a short list in nanoseconds, well 4 minutes at least. 


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