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Our analyses revealed the following failures, please note that this is across all the vendors tested:

  • Inability to read and or write metadata
  • Inability to assign rights to assets
  • Inability to handle a wide range of asset/metadata types
  • Inability to create custom metadata fields
  • Inability to transform/transcode assets from one form to another
  • Inability to carry out automated transcodes, converting common file types into thumbnails and so on
  • Inability to gather / access audit data regarding activity on the DAM
  • Inability to at the very least download this data for analysis elsewhere
  • Inability to assign Unique Identifiers (UIDs) and use these UIDs to relate assets together
  • Inability to create relationships other than versions
  • Inability to carry out true version control
  • Inability to carry out upload AND review and approval & upload workflows
  • Inability to communicate within the system on workflow and the like
  • Inability to preview common file types
  • Inability to use lightbox-esque features to share assets with other people


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With the Codified DAM Consultant you’re able to take control of the evaluation process and tailor it to your specific needs. You can start vendor demos better informed, ask the right questions and talk to the appropriate people. As a consequence, you can use your time to look at what really sells the DAM to your users such as workflow and UI/UX. You only need to go through the process once; so get it right the first time, using the smallest amount of internal resources possible and acquiring the best possible fit DAM for your needs.


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