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Digital Asset Management (DAM) manages information, systems and processes that enable the management of assets from creation, curation, analysis and archiving.

The Journey to Transformation


Step 1:  Gap Analysis 
Step 2:  Resource Audits
Step 3:  Requirements Gathering
Step 4:  Governance
Step 5:  Use Case Scenarios 
Step 6:  Vendor Selection 

Six Steps to DAM Success
6 Steps to DAM Success

How we do Digital Asset Management

We have the largest database in the world covering every aspect you will need to get a digital asset management strategy right. We let our customers subscribe in real time to all our data, allowing them to build a robust business case, do the right requirements gathering in a timely and guided manner.

We work with the C-Suite to build and develop business-wide Content Information Architectures and provide impartial and extensive industry knowledge to aid in software selection & digital strategy.

To be successful in the digital age, companies and organisations need a bottom-up strategy with data at its core, guided by the expertise of its employees, partners, and customers. Digital Asset Management is the foundational technology for managing metadata and establishes policies and processes that ensure information can be integrated, accessed, shared, linked, analyzed and maintained across an organisation.

Digital Asset Management Strategy

Step 1 Gap Analysis for Digital Asset Management

Step 1: Gap Analysis

Identifying ‘gaps’ in the business and making a plan for what you hope to achieve by carrying out the desired project

Product Information

DAM Strategy Step 2: Resource Audits

Step 2: Resource Audits

Looking at your business and identifying what you have in terms of assets, metadata, people, software tools etc.

Dam Strategy Step 3 Requirements Gathering

Step 3: Requirements Gathering

Gathering together your stakeholders, looking at their needs and writing up a list of shared goals

DAM Strategy Step 4 Governance

Step 4 Governance

Administration, maintenance and support of the DAM system, as well as defining who is responsible for which areas of the system and establishing rules for proper usage

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DAM Strategy Step 5 Use Case Scenarios

Step 5 Use Case Scenarios

By understanding how and why departments work with assets in specific ways will enhance vendor demos, aid in change management and identify training needs.

DAM Strategy Step 6 Vendor Selection

Step 6: Vendor Selection

Once you know what you don’t have, what you already have, what you want, and how your going to set things up to get what you want, you approach vendors and find the vendor that’s the best fit for you

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Accredited Digital Asset Management Vendors

Digital Asset Management is complex with a lot of moving parts. The Codified Consultant has simplified the process using a standards-based approach working solely with certified and accredited DAM vendors. Full Database subscriptions available.



Metadata is the most important function within a Digital Asset Management system, sadly this is also the most understood aspect of a business transformation strategy

Metadata is a core digital asset management function

Latest Products

Interactive DAM Strategy Builder

It can take months to build a business case for digital asset management. Use our form based system to ask the right questions in a timely manner, speeding up the whole process and making sure the right questions are asked.

DAM Business Case Builder

Content Audits

Simple form based system to build the requirements needed to get DAM right and map to maturity and requirements

DAM Business Case Builder

Governance Builder

DAM systems use metadata to automate governance, most people do not understand how effective DAM can be for helping people and organisation keep control of their content and their IP.

DAM Business Case Builder

Digital Asset Management standards and best practice by experts

Which is the best DAM system?

One of the questions we are constantly asked is which DAM is the best and, as we all know, there is no such thing. It all depends on what and where the DAM customer is. The question layer is critically important–Do I want cloud? Is my preference SaaS or On-Premise? Do I know or even understand the functional and nonfunctional requirements? Do I have a sound taxonomy and content-based information architecture? The list of questions goes on and on and on.

Without expert non-partial advice, sifting through the complexity is down to the will of the researcher. Unless, of course, they bring in consultants that fully understand the transformative nature of what DAM as a strategy can bring to everyone.


10 core characteristics of Digital Asset Management

Everyone interacts with content

Digital Asset Management is wasted in silos

Digital asset Management Deep Domain Expertise

DAM Maturity Model Analysis

Standards and Best Practice for getting DAM right the first time.

Too many companies fail at digital asset management

The Codified Consultant is based on 20 years of experience in the filed, as users, as analysts and as consultants working with Fotune 500 companies, not for profits and SME's.  

Maturity Modelling

Digital Asset Management Vendor Reports

36 Accredited DAM Vendors

The Codified Consultant has currently evaluated 36 DAM vendors across 22 dimensions.

All vendors covered are fit for purpose and qualify as actual digital asset management companies. 25% of vendors calling themselves DAM vendors have failed the ten core characterictis test

Vendor Reports

Digital Asset Management Vendor Analysis Scores

DAM is complex, we have simplified DAM complexity

Compare and contrast vendors by type, vertical, workflows, cloud procilivty, value for money, technical specifications, functional and non-functional requirements 

Access the full database by subscription

DAM Requirements Builder

Mapping requirements to vendor capability

This is a heavy lift skill set, get it wrong and you will not have a strategy that will last for the next few years

Requirements Builder

Requirements as a scoring metric

Just because a vendor says they do it, does not mean they do it in the best possible way. Requirements gathering now has a score!

Requirements Builder

Beyond Core Scores

Having the ability to pre score a vendor directly to your requirements will save you 100's of hours and simplify complexity

Requirements Builder

Technical Specifications

The Codified DAM Consultant™ allows any user to quickly search 36 accredited Digital Asset Management vendors within the application and over 100 variables depending on the scenarios required

Digital Asset Management Vendor Technical Specification Analysis

Ten Core Dashboard

DAM Strategy Dashboard

Ten Core Strategy

Ten Core strategies to reduce risk when selecting DAM software understand key components of DAM technology align DAM software standards to your business strategy reduce risk and optimise your business operations

Characteristics mapped to vendors capability: Enrich

The term enrich has been misinterpreted by some, obviously there are multiple ways that your experience can be enriched, through metadata and user interfaces for example. In Ten Core the focus is on the way that the DAM gathers data and how this data is used. It must be possible to access data on the system and the usage (downloads, uploads, versioning etc) of assets at the bare minimum. DAMs that perform better here have integrated analytical software, have developed proprietary tools and are tracking content in integrated software or through embeds.

Longlist to Shortlist Builder

Perhaps your company has a preference to location, cloud provider, vertical specialism, code base, price etc. Query the who application, answer your questions and go from a longlist to a shortlist in seconds

New Vendors, New Content New Strategies